Use A Local Agency For CT Car Insurance

One of the responsibilities that goes along with car ownership is holding car insurance. A requirement in nearly every state in the United States, legal ramifications are possible if you don’t hold insurance. No one really likes “shopping” for insurance, but at the same time, you also want to make sure that you’re getting adequate coverage for you and your family. Large, conglomerate insurance companies may offer you quick, money-saving offers, but you may not always know exactly what you’re getting. Speaking to an agent several states away over the phone is also impersonal, while a local Stratford, CT insurance agency is right in your hometown, is economical, and can walk you through exactly what your insurance covers. For the best and most reasonable CT car insurance quotes, turn to Scott Insurance.

In business for decades, we’re family-owned and right here in your hometown, but a phone call that’s thousands of miles away. Here, you’ll get economical rates and full coverage. We can sit down and tailor your car insurance needs perfectly, so that not only are you and your family completely covered, but you also understand your coverage.

There are several different types of coverage to consider as you begin your quote. Liability coverage covers most instances of property damage or injuries, while comprehensive covers damages such as vandalism and theft. Collision covers exactly that – damage from an accident. You may want all three types of coverage, or you may want your insurance tailored to your needs. We’re committed to getting you the best quote specifically for your needs.

For a free CT car insurance quote, call Scott Insurance today at (800)281-4715 to speak with a professional agent. Put your trust in your local Stratford, CT insurance agency for the most complete and economical car insurance choice.

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